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Website development

The website is your "virtual business card". Make a good first impression.

With the right design and user-experience science applied, every website can be successful. We offer from the most simplistic to the sleekest design, aimed towards the goals that you are going to set. All our developers use HTML5 and CSS3 and mainly code in PHP and HTML, using open-source software that are flexible, extendible and customisable to fit with our clients’ needs.

Besides the development and the design, you can also have a reliable web server hosting to make sure that your website is online 24/7. Keep control of your online customers: request a dedicated email address (ie. john@napkinmalta.com) so your clients can identify your business everywhere. Manage your online orders now will be way easier. Also a practical and simple contorl panel will allow you to upload pictures directly on your website: simple solution to keep alignment between what you offer in the restaurant and online.


Social media marketing

Involve your social-friendly customers.

Are you on Facebook? More importantly, are you on TripAdvisor? We make sure to take care of all the good and the bad of the online communication – new menus to upload, feedbacks to collect, reviews to be taken care of.

The level of social interaction depends entirely on our clients’ needs but the important thing is that all the staff at Napkin have an expert understanding of what is possible. Updates in the field of social media are made every day, so we ensure that we all keep our finger on the pulse by staying up-to-date via the latest and more efficient channels.

We present you the plan and you give us the green light, so you can only care about what matters the most – your food.



Be easily reachable.

Competing online is more challenging than ever. Targeted traffic attracts the right customers at any stage of the buying cycle. Imagine reaching your exact client when they are searching for your exact product. Imagine delighting your customers with a tailored message, enticing them to visit your site where they are just a few clicks away from checking out, adding to your bottom line. We do advertising that is tailored to the circumstances and necessities. Social media advertising but also PPC. Generating qualified traffic goes much deeper than creating a few ads and selecting a handful of keywords. It involves in-depth research, testing, adaption, refinement and scaling. Our advertising expertise has a proven process dedicated to help your business hit the ground running.


Branding and graphics

Let's be memorable.

As human beings, we are all attracted to what's beautiful. So let's make your visual stand out! We offer graphic services that mostly cover three areas:

1) Branding: your logo and your brand is what the clients will remember you about before trying your food. We make sure that your brand is highly aligned to your restaurant vision and to your clientele likings.

2) Graphic design: everything from flyers to website layout, and from social media post to new menus. Get in touch for a designer touch that will surely make your graphics stand out.

3) Photography: We highly recommend to start every digital marketing strategy with a food photography, which is the basic content that we will need to promote the restaurant. Not only because you might need to have a great portofolio of images of your own business but also because your clients have to admire your food and start the experience with their eyes!



You can rely on our food expertise.

Do you feel like the new menu is not a success? Do you want to push a certain dish more than others? We are here for you! Let's discuss what your end goal is and we'll suggest you a new plan that will give you a "A to Z" solution for your restaurant. Whether you'd like to start a rebranding or you want to change your menu, we are having your back all the way through this journey as professioanl and reliable consultants.